Tie up your gondola to a mooring pole. Four times a week we offer up free tastings to you and yours.  Usually wine, but we like to throw in a cheese tasting or a beer tasting every now and again. And why shouldn't we?

Here's how the week shakes out:

Wednesdays | 5-7pm
Wine Wednesdays: For the dropping temps and our bleeding hearts, Wednesdays leading up to Valentine's are red, red wine...(yes, UB40)

Thursdays | 5-7pm Tasting  
Arm Chair Travel:  we pick a place and spot light wines from the region.   

Fridays | 5-7pm Tasting
It's 5:00 Somewhere: Whatever we think might do you some good for the weekend.

Saturdays | 12-2pm Tasting
Sip-n-Shop:  Come on by and let us show you a most civilized shopping experience. We've got wine, happy faces and nothing but time to help you figure out a host gift, a stellar cheese board, a special bottle of wine or dinner.